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The two extremely important parts. Accounting is responsible for interpreting, classifying, analyzing, reporting, and summarising the financial data, whereas bookkeeping is responsible for recording financial transactions.

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  • Since the lockdown and Covid-19 disrupted the normal operations of all businesses, especially small and medium-sized businesses, they were unable to comply with these regulations. The government has devised CFSS 2020 or Companies Fresh Start Scheme (often misspelled as Company Fresh Start Scheme) to assist companies that cannot comply with these mandatory requirements and assist them in starting over.

  • The most significant advantage of CFSS 2020 is that entrepreneurs have been granted immunity from prosecution and fines if they are unable to file as required by the Companies Act of 2013. This allows businesses to stop worrying about legal action for not filing documents and papers and instead focus on their core business and begin economic revitalization as soon as possible.

  • Companies Act 2013 compliance requirements include filing annual returns, and financial statements, conducting Board meetings, and audits, removing Directors prior to expiration, and filing resolutions, agreements, and mergers, among others.

  • Companies that have defaulted on their obligations and have failed to file the necessary documents with the RoC (Registrar Of Companies) will not be subject to any penalties or fines. The only fees that need to be paid are the standard ones that are outlined in the Companies Act of 2013.

  • If you fail to comply with the filing of documents, you will be granted complete immunity from prosecution and protection from any legal action taken against you. In the event that a company or its directors or founders are eligible, no case will be brought forward.

  • In the event that any company had previously filed an appeal against any prosecution for the late filing of documents, then that company will be required to withdraw that appeal in order for them to be eligible for the benefits provided by CFSS 2020.

  • Once an organization has submitted its application for CFSS 2020, it will be granted immunity and benefits up until six months after the scheme has been terminated. That is, you have until March 2021 to take advantage of the benefits.

  • Directors who have a lapsed DIN can still file the DIR-3KYC or DIR-3 KYC-Web without having to pay the requisite 5,000 rupee fee.

  • Inactive companies will be able to apply for dormant status in accordance with Section 455 of the Companies Act, 2013, by submitting e-Form MSC – 1 along with the required fees as part of CFSS 2020.

  • The Fresh Start Scheme’s objective is to improve the level of corporate compliance by offering a single opportunity to all defaulting companies to avoid additional fee payments. This is intended to serve as a deterrent for late filings and is intended to be used in conjunction with the scheme.

  • The implementation of the Scheme couldn’t have come at a better time, given the companies’ current predicament of fighting to maintain their regular operations while simultaneously increasing their profits. In the midst of such challenges, the government corporations would be subject to stringent compliance standards that were required by the Ministry.

  • As a result, the operational and financial burden that they face will be lessened as a result of the Scheme’s forbearance of their previous delays, in addition to the numerous relaxations and extensions that have already been provided by the Ministry. The number of pending lawsuits against the regulator is another goal of the Scheme.

  • Passport Election

  • Card or Voter Identity Card

  • Ration Card

  • Driving License

  • Electricity Bill

  • Telephone Bill

  • Aadhaar Card

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What exactly is the Fresh Start Scheme for Companies?+

The “Companies Fresh Start Scheme, 2020” is a scheme that will give a chance to enable companies to make good of any filing-related defaults, regardless of the duration of default, and make a fresh start as an entity that is fully compliant. The name of the scheme is “Companies Fresh Start Scheme, 2020.”

Who will be able to benefit from the Fresh Start Scheme offered by the Companies?+

All companies that have failed to submit all of the required documents and forms to the ROC in a timely manner will be eligible for the benefit provided by the program even if they are in default. Additionally, businesses that have previously been prosecuted for such defaults may be eligible for immunity from further prosecutions in similar cases.

Who are these companies that are considered to be in default?+

Companies that have failed to meet certain requirements, such as making payments on time or filing required documents, statements, or returns, are referred to as “defaulting companies.”

What conditions must be met for this scheme to be applicable, and what is the deadline for submitting it?+

The Scheme officially went into effect on April 1, 2020, and it will continue to do so until September 30, 2020. Up until the 30th of September in 2020, you will have the opportunity to submit any forms or documents that are still outstanding

Is it possible for a single company to submit multiple CFSS for a single company?+

In a nutshell, a Company is only allowed to mention a maximum of 20 SRN in a single CFSS. If a company is required to mention more than 20 SRNs, then that company must submit more than one form in order to comply with the regulations.

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