Digital Signature Certification Class 3

E-filing of patents, e-auctioning, e-bidding, and re-auctioning, as well as electronic submission of tenders and auctions, all fall under the purview of Class 3 DSC. In addition to e-filing, you can also e-sign documents, e-file tax returns, and more.

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  • Companies and organizations that participate in or plan to participate in eTendering processes on various Government websites are required to have a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC). In addition to enabling eTendering, which is both extremely convenient and transparent, a Digital Signature Certificate provides enhanced security for other online transactions.

  • e-Procurement facilitates, integrates, and streamlines procurement processes. From the buyer to the supplier and back again. Legally sanctioned under the Information Technology Act, a Digital Signature Certificate is required for all e-Procurement procedures.

  • Applying for government contracts online has numerous benefits. Since documents are uploaded to a central repository, immediate acknowledgments and receipts are issued. Contrary to paper documents, which require scanning and verification prior to processing. E-Procurement has gained widespread popularity and acceptance because it increases system-wide transparency. Among other advantages, it assists buyers and bidders in overcoming geographical limitations, shortening procurement cycles, and keeping up with current technology.

  • Any organization wishing to submit an application for a Government eTender must have a Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate in the name of a representative who is authorized to submit online offers for e-tendering applications.

  • Helpful in authenticating the individual holder’s personal information details when conducting business online.

  • Reduced cost and time: Instead of physically signing hard copy documents and scanning them to send via e-mail, you can digitally sign the PDF files and send them much faster. To conduct or authorize business, a Digital Signature certificate holder does not need to be physically present.

  • Data Integrity:
  • Digitally signed documents cannot be altered or edited after they are signed, making the data safe and secure. Government agencies frequently request these certificates in order to cross-check and verify business transactions.

Document authenticity:

  • Digitally signed documents give the receiver confidence that the signer is genuine. They can take action based on such documents without fear of the documents being forged.

  • With a digital signature, it is possible to quickly complete a transaction, enter into a contract, and close official documents from multiple parties. In addition, legal contracts, invoices, and any other paperwork that takes longer to close due to an ink signature can be easily streamlined. The legal validity of a digital signature certificate is ensured by validating the electronic signature. It is admissible in any legal proceeding.

  • In the same way that handwritten signatures are used to sign physical papers, digital signatures are used to sign electronic records such as e-forms for online tender. Using a digital signature certificate, one can easily sign documents for an online tender reapplication. As a result, they save valuable time and effort. DSCs have a long validity period, such as one or two years.

  • As a result, for a low price, you get a lot of benefits for a long time. You won’t have to physically manage all of the documents or worry about losing them if you use DSC. DSC allows you to easily sign e-forms and then submit them online.

  • If you’re registering a Public Limited Company, Private Limited Company, Limited Liability Partnership, or One Person Company, you’ll need a Digital Signature Certificate.

  • When applying for a DIN number, a Digital Signature Certificate is required (DSC). All individuals/professionals with an annual gross income of over INR 25 lakhs and businesses with an annual turnover of over INR 1 crore are required to file their ITRs using a Digital Signature Certificate.

Any of the following documents can be submitted as ID Proof. All the documents must be self attested by the applicant
  • Valid Passport
  • Driving License
  • PAN Card
  • Bank Account Passbook containing the photograph and signed by an individual with attestation by the concerned Bank official.
  • Photo ID card issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs of Centre/State Governments.
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Address Proof
Any of the following documents can be submitted as Address Proof. All the documents must be self attested by the applicant
  • Telephone Bill
  • Bank Statements with latest transactions signed by the bank
  • Electricity Bill
  • Water Bill
  • Gas Bill

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What three benefits does a digital signature offer?+

The three primary advantages of electronic signatures are increased contract speed, increased security, and reduced transaction costs.

What does class 3 DSC serve?+

Class 3 DSC is utilised for filing electronic documents and submitting electronic bids. With the Indian government promoting “Digital India,” the demand for digital signatures continues to rise. Among its many applications are Income Tax Return filings, EPFO, PF, GST, e-procurement, and others.

Which DSC class is utilised for bids?+

Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate Any organisation applying for a Government eTender must have a Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate registered in the name of a representative authorised to submit online offers for e-Tendering applications.

How is class 3 DSC used?+

Class 3 DSC is utilised for filing electronic documents and electronic submissions of tenders and auctions, e-bidding, e-auctioning, Patents Filing, logos Filing, and Registrar of Corporations. E-filing, VAT return e-filing, TDS return e-filing, Income tax e-filing, signature on a word document or PDF, and more.

What is Class 3 Pantasign DSC?+

Pantasign Class 3 DSC: Pantasign is a certifying authority with the authority to issue all types of Digital Signature Certificates. Pantasign offers DSCs in accordance with the most recent CCA guidelines under the IT act. Its Class 3 DSC is a versatile certificate that provides the highest level of authentication and data security for online transactions.


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